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Sensei Blair Stephenson

Sensei Blair Stephenson

I started learning Jujitsu in 2002 at Kirby Jujitsu Club. I originally began attending the club as my son who was then 9 was interested. He then asked me to do it as well. After a few lessons Renshi Aaron Stevens asked me to whether I would like to help in the tots and junior lesson. I was more than happy to help, as just in the few lessons I had taken part in, I felt comfortable and confident. This was largely due to Aaron’s friendliness and teaching ability. Over the next few years I gained more confidence, and began to progress through the belts.

When Kirby Jujitsu Club closed, I then moved with Aaron to Essex Freestyle Jujitsu School. We had now become firm friends and formed quite a unique teaching partnership. Due to work and family commitment, Aaron had to take a short break from teaching. I continued teaching at the club, with a different instructor for 5 years.
When Aaron opened A S Jujitsu in 2012, I began training with him occasionally. In October 2015 I decided that I would like to commit more to Renshi Aaron and his club and begin teaching alongside him again.

Over the time I have been learning Jujitsu I have successfully achieved many belts, up to and including my black belt first dan, and hope to achieve my second dan during 2016.

In 2017 I past my Grade of 2nd Dan Black Belt

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