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Hayley Baldwin —I started jujitsu at the age of 8 when my mum first took me to a lesson at renshi's first club in frinton and I was hooked from lesson 1, I left when I was aged 11 and I was so happy when the club re opened in 2012, 2 years on and I am happy to say gaining my junior instructor title has to be my biggest achievement, I love teaching the kids every lesson they improve and make me proud knowing I have helped teach them to gain their next belts. I have also gained confidence myself and grown in jujitsu I wouldn't stop for anything, I have recently been promoted to assistant instructor and gained my sempei title been waiting years for this and so proud of myself , great family xx
Claire Witham -This is a fantastic club which Aaron and his team have worked extremely hard for and devoted their free time to get to the standards he has.
What Thomas has learnt here has not only given him the skills he needs to be able to defend himself ( crucial in this day and age) but has also made him grow in character, going from an 8 year old handful to a well(almost) behaved 9 year old boy. The transformation in a year is amazing. Weapons training is also brilliant and a shame not to see many more of the students there. Thanks Aaron and the team for all your hard work x
John Bruce —I trained to brown belt with aaron, and in my opinion probably one of the best instructor in the country.
Dedicated to teaching at an extremely high level, Importantly not forgetting the fun side.
Can't recommend this club enough!

Steph Gailey —My daughter has been going for about a year now, I'm so proud of how much she has achieved. Aaron and his team are excellent with the kids, even letting them try there moves out on them... Highly recommended... Best club around by far...

Lulu Kerr-Morgan -My kids love it great place and highly recommend.
Neil Kerr-Morgan —A good place to learn jujitsu been training here for a year now really enjoy the warm nice atmosphere and learning many kinds of styles n drills in different aspects of jujitsu since i started As jujitsu ive met a bunch of wonderfull people and gained a good relationship with all members and parents this is a fantastic club to learn jujitsu for both me and my step children who attend the junior group which i help out most rewarding jujitsu has become a huge part of my life and would like to thank renshi Aaron stevens for making this happen and the rest of the group adults and juniors for making As jujitsu a privilege to train at happy days :-)
Paul Baker —If you want to learn how to defend yourself and be more confident then I would highly recommend coming to A.S. Jujitsu. It is a friendly group of girls and guys and all ages are welcome.

I have been going for a year and a half now and I never thought I would reach my green belt at all let alone in this amount to time. I couldn't recommend Aaron and this club enough
Stacey Colley —My daughter has been going here just over 2 years. Her confidence has soared. Her fitness and ability are much improved. The Instructors, Aaron and the team, are welcoming, kind, firm and fair.
A really TOP club, brilliant for kids. Would recommend.

George Eames —A great place to train and learn self defence, lessons adapted to suit all styles by a dedicated instructor. A friendly club to train at so come and join

Paul Sparling —Top club come and see

Terry Wigett —Fantastic club. Aaron, Paul and Hayley make it a great place for the children to learn discipline, respect and have alot of fun at the same time. Our boys love it!!! Thanks guys
Sydney Rawlinson - I've been at the club since September 2015, and im seriously enjoying my training at this friendly dojo. The team here are very friendly and helpful, the instructor Renshi Aaron Stevens is top of his game, he has time for any questions on the art that he does. the dojo itself is fully equipped with safety mats, punch/kick bags and practice armour etc. also may i add a very professional and friendly atmosphere.
Jenny Jones -My son had he's first lesson last night and he was a bit unsure at first and nervous but as the lesson went on you could see he's confidence coming through which was fantastic and by the end of the lesson he was beaming.

Samantha Byles —Fantastic club, I sent my step son to build him some confidence up, has worked wonders, him and his brother love it, such great teachers, so glad I chose here to take them!!

Jamieson Westall ---Amazing place and the instructor is fantastic! :)

Susan Rose - Lovely Club and the kids have really settled in well there
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