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A.S Jujitsu combines strikes, kicks, throws, locks, pressure points and countless other various techniques into an effective and realistic system. This style will show you how to use the movement of your body and the reactions of your attacker to form a style that works for every individual that practices it.

The beginner student is taught basics as are required in many martial arts, the correct methods of punching, kicking and elbow strikes, how to break a fall after being thrown, how to maintain their balance during the execution of techniques . The beginner student is also taught basic escapes from strangles both front and rear and on through to other types of attack such as punches, kicks, and grabs building a firm foundation to move onto the more demanding work of the middle and higher grades.

The combination of techniques within the A.S Jujitsu syllabus forever makes those who follow its path work harder to understand its flexibility, from the mistake of a novice a more adept exponent may develop a variation to a given technique which rather than detracting from the syllabus adds to it and enhances it. It is the flexibility of A.S Jujitsu which will keep the interest of those who practice it, the practicality of the work and the understanding of each technique as it is learned, practised and perfected.

A fun and friendly environment where no individual is judged.

A style that keeps growing, so there is always something new to learn.

Full insurance cover with a leading martial arts association.

An instructor who is always willing to help his students, as its students that make a club.

Regular seminars for students, giving them the chance to train and learn from other instructors.

Private tuition if required.

An instructor with 31 years of martial arts experience.

A syllabus that works for every student.

RBSD courses for all

Nationaly recognised certificates in all courses and grades

Tailored Lessons for children with Autism

Self Defence Courses

Weapons Classes

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